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        Company profile


        Nanchang Xiangrong Abrasive Products Co., Ltd.

               Nanchang Xiangrong Abrasive  Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, It is located at phoenix mountain development zone in Anyi county, It covers an area of 14600 square meters, The total property is 80,000,000 yuan(RMB), And thenumber of existing staff is 360 , In addition there are more than 80 specialized technical and administrative personel, The total output value is 60,000,000 yuan(RMB),  Our company mainly produces two types of products as follws:

        1.Cleaning products: Wornfeet stone , Pumice stone ,  Skin cleaning brush, Nail file, Electric nail file, Loofah products, Bathing sea and other bathing prouducts and so on.

        2. Industrial Grinder: Ceramic grinding head, Woolen grinding head, Rubber grinding head, Cowhide  grinding head, Sponge grinding head, Flapwheel ,Whetstone and so on. 


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        Remove dead skin and make your body smooth&shiny

        Use on hands,feet,knees and elbowsBest Value! Best Choice!


        Body slimming

        What could be more attractive than thin body, reducing weight? Exercise and diet every day, you can do to help you achieve thin body plan. But thin body after the expansion of the original skin becomes a burden, wrinkled skin long time became corneous layer, become attached to the body of the dead skin, use pumice with weight loss plan, adhere to the friction on the part of the thin, can keep skin elastic, rich luster.

        Bath body

        With bath ball soaked with olive oil, evenly wipes in various parts of the body, brush with pumice to remove excess cutin layer, the whole body massage with hot towel for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Systemic use pumice nursing service though a little bit of a problem, but the absolute body skin care



        Beautiful feet

        Feet are also women sexy "spokesman" for the United States eyebrow Xia Tianai wear beautiful sandals, 

        on foot care, a natural pumice can well solve the foot skin is dry, rough. Foot soak in warm water, 

        with a natural pumice friction gently remove dead skin, can be the skin become delicate. 

        A week can do foot maintenance regularly, use a small amount of 10-15 minutes, 

        scrub massage foot after such care, mei-mei drops to guarantee you a summer!